Retail stores, agencies, hotels, churches, auto shops, construction companies, banks, health care providers, sports teams, transportation companies, and restaurants all use vinyl banners to direct traffic or make sales. Banners are great for indoor or outdoor use, and fit perfectly with any promotion or sales event. We also do banners on flag material and table fabric as well as pop-up tents. Let HPGraphics help you create a custom banner, rug, or flag for your business, or your next party or event.


Banners are $5.32 per square foot

4'x8' banner is 4x8=32sqft. 32x5.32=$169.92

We do provide discounts to schools and orders of multiples.

Turnaround time 1-3 weeks AFTER print approval


$50 down payment and measurements needed to begin (applied to your invoice)


Add $200 for stacker trailers

Add $50-$100 fee for new customers if wrap files not provided

Turnaround time 1-3 weeks AFTER print approval


Design fee if artwork is not on file or provided



Tents FAQ

Is there a discount for ordering multiple tents?

Yes,more than 5, 5% off, more than 10,10% off

Are the back wall and side walls printed on both sides?

Yes, but double price as price listed for each section.

Are there setup fees?

There are no setup fees.

What method do you use for printing? Is it like screen printing t-shirts?

No, we use digital printing.

If something breaks, can I order parts?

If parts get broken during gurantee time, we will replace for free. After this, parts can be ordered.

Is the tent waterproof?

Yes, there is waterproof layer inside of fabric.

Design fee if artwork is not on file or provided