We highly recommend at least 2-layer suits for safety

1 Layer suits are more for kart racers.

3 Layer suits are better if you want the highest level of protection, or you deal with cold climate.

50% Deposit to begin artwork

Turnaround Time 6-8 Weeks

For 4-week turnaround a $200 rush fee can be applied (only available in certain times of year)

During busy seasons, some suits can take longer.

100% due prior to pickup/shipping

See options and pricing below.

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Standard Liner is a 100% Nomex liner. 2-layer suits with a standard liner have a TPP thermal protection rating of 23. It comes in White or Black. It weighs 180 gsm(grams per square meter). It is included in the price of the suit.

Safety X Inner Liner SFI-5 - Instead of the 100% nomex liner, this is a softer, black, moisture-wicking, carbon-based liner. It is slightly heavier than the standard liner at 220 gsm. Standard suits have a thermal protection rating of TTP23 . The Safety X liner raises TTP value by 7 points to TTP30. You get the protection of a 3-layer suit with the weight, feel, and breathability of a 2-layer suit. Available on 2 or 3-layer suits only. Not available on white or yellow suit.

Lightweight 3D Liner is a thin, honeycomb Nomex material available in White or Black. It is extremely breathable. It is also the most lightweight liner at 140 gsm. It makes a 2-layer suit have a 22 TPP rating. Available on a 2 or 3-layer suit.


Premier Nomex Shell - This is a lighter, tighter-woven material than the standard Nomex shell. Instead of 250 grams per square inch, the premier shell is only 150 grams per square inch. It is also slightly shinier than the standard Nomex shell. This is required to get a truly white suit, but the standard silver is very close to the white in color. You can also get fluorescent colors at no extra charge if you choose the premier nomex shell.

Premier FR Cotton Shell - This upgrade is only available on 1-layer suits. It's a softer, fire-resistant cotton material instead of the standard Proban used on 1-layer suits. It does not increase fire resistance.


Knit Nomex Side Stretch Panels - Originally developed for oversized drivers. This add-on is the best bang for your buck. Same 4way knit nomex on back panel and 360 degree arm gussets. Runs from armpit to belt on both sides of suit. 1.5-2inches wide. Full range of motion from waist up. Eliminates tightness of suit when sitting in car or bending over to work. Helps suit breath. Helps weight fluctuiation. Same color as suit.

Knee & Thigh stretch Panels - made of the same 4-way knit Nomex that the arm gussets and the back and side stretch panels are made from. It runs across the knees and tapers up the inner thighs to the crotch area.

Fluorescent or Carbon Fiber Color Material The brighter, fluorescent and carbon fiber material really help to make your suit pop. They also look better next to cars with flourescent and carbon fiber graphics. You may also opt for the premier nomex shell at no extra charge.

RaceCeiver Radio Pocket

A handy little pocket inside your suit for your RaceCeiver radio


Clip-On Arm Restraint Straps - easy clip on restraint straps for your arms

Standard Arm Restraint Straps - these straps work more like your helmet strap

Sewn In D-Rings - For drivers who use arm restraint straps.



Embroidered or Dye-Sublimated Jacket $295

Optional Ventilation in Underarms $50

Optional Coolmax Liner $25

Kart Suit – Shiny – Sublimated $399 - $499

Single Layer – SFI -1 - $599

Full Custom

$599 – SFI 3, 2 Layer $599

Kart Suit – Sublimated $299


Driving Gloves $59+

Custom Gloves $150

Pit Gloves $30

Shoes $155

Custom Shoes $185

Socks $22

Suits (non-custom) $155+

Balaclava $35+

Under Shirt $99+

Under Pants $87+

Gear Bag $145

Nomex Care Kit $69

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