Where do I find your measurement chart?

Please click the provided link to access our sizing chart: http://www.hpgraphics.net/downloads/measurement-templates

How long do custom suit generally take to make?

Custom race suits generally have a 6-8 week turnaround time once all artwork is complete and deposit is collected. In extremely busier times, a suit can take up to 10 weeks.

At certain times of the year (less busy months), a $200 rush fee can get a suit guaranteed in four weeks.

K1 is very efficient and reliable. In the past two years, no suit has gone past that deadline.

Can I have my local embroiderer add logos after the suit has been made?

SFI requirements only allow the outer layer of the suit to be embroidered. For this reason, all embroidery has to be done while the suit is being made.

Do you drive a race car, or manage a race team? HPG Apparel can help you represent your team and your sponsors in style with a custom K1 Race Gear driving suit. We have been providing graphics for racing customers since 2004, and we have served many racers over the years. We strive to meet all the needs of our customers, and we take pride in providing the best customer satisfaction. We are proud to be able to offer custom racing suits, for both men and women, at extremely competitive prices.

Custom Racing Suits Tailored to Your Needs – The K1 Difference

K1 Race Gear designs racing apparel to meet and exceed a wide range of stringent criteria, including quality, affordability, usability, and comfort. As racers ourselves with backgrounds in a variety of disciplines, from sports cars to karts, we know what is needed (and what's desired) out of safety apparel. We have developed our apparel with these principles in mind, and believe that our line of K1 Race Gear products represents a true value for the consumer – suffice to say, we stand behind our K1 custom auto racing suits.


What material are the suits made of?

All 2-layer or 3-layer SFI suits are made of Nomex.

1-layer SFI suits are made of Proban

How many layers do I need?

1-layer suits are more suited for kart racers. However, safety can be enhanced with K1 Flex underwear.

A minimum 2-layer suit is highly recommended for anyone racing any type of car for safety.

3-layer suits are good for extra protection from fire and colder climates.

Most people who compain about a two layer suit being too hot, have not had a K1 Race Suit. K1 suits are very lightweight and breathable.

What is the difference between a two piece and one piece suit?

A 2-piece suit has pants and jacket made separately. 2-layer suits are good if you like to take off the jacket, but they do not offer as much protection to the stomach area. See below.

My suit (Karting or Automotive) is dirty, how do I clean it?

Pro tip: Keep a garbage bag in your trailer. Put the suit in the garbage bag after the races and tie it up to keep stains from setting (drying) into the material as much.

The best way to clean your suit is with a Molecule Clean Kit available from HPG

If you don't have a Molecule Clean Kit, K1 RaceGear recommends dry cleaning your suit.

If you MUST clean it yourself, and you don't have a Moleucle Kit, we recommend the following:

: Ensure the suit is closed. (Zipper Up and Belt Closed)

: Use Cold Water (Do not wash with other garments)

: Light Detergent - no dyes, no bleach, no perfumes, "free and clear" work well

: Ensure Washer is set to Low Spin/Delicate Setting

: Hanging is preferred method. You can tumble dry on low spin if needed.